Frozen Condensate Pipes

01 Mar. 18

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If you have been unlucky enough to have your Boiler stop working in the recent adverse weather conditions we are all experiencing, the chances are the reason for the failure will be your Condensate Pipe has frozen.

Before you call out your Local Plumber we would like to share with you a way of resolving the issue without the expense of a plumbers call out charge.

  1. Locate your Condensate Pipe if it’s accessible. The Condensate Pipe is usually Grey or White in colour and comes out of the back of your boiler.
  2. Take a few kettle of Hot Water and pour over the pipe until it thaws out. Never try to attempt this if the Condensate pipe is above ground level for Health and Safety reasons.
  3. It’s worth mentioning that if you boiler has been fitted with a 3/4″ pipe and is run external to your home, the recent -5 temperatures will cause the pipe to freeze.
  4. Once you are confident that you have thawed out the frozen pipe, you may need to reset your boiler. We advise that you follow the recommendations from your manufacturer but we are confident that after your have carried out these simple instructions your Boiler should kick back into life.
  5. To prevent any future issues, it’s advisable that your boiler is fitted with a 35mm or ideally a 43mm waste pipe which will eliminate the chances of it freezing.

Of course this is free advice from Ocean Plumbing and Heating, your local friendly plumbers in hitchin, but if you still have issues or don’t feel confident tackling the problem, we are only too happy to assist you. Give us a call on 07973 702841 or use our Website Contact Form and we get back to you as soon as we can.