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Boiler Repairs Hitchin

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A faulty boiler in your home can be incredibly dangerous to you and your family. Having your boiler serviced once a year is vital in ensuring that it is operating safely and effectively. Regular servicing can also help to improve the efficiency of your boiler and extend its lifespan. Ocean Plumbing and Heating are City and Guilds qualified and Gas Safe registered, meaning you can rest assured that your boiler is getting checked thoroughly and professionally.

Ocean Plumbing and Heating offer Boiler Services and Repairs throughout Hertfordshire, including Baldock, Royston, Stevenage, Welwyn, Hatfield, Arlesey, Shefford, Luton and Bedford. We are a friendly, cost-effective business which makes us the first choice for many people, who use our services year after year. Whether you need a boiler replacement, repair or general maintenance, we can help.

What does a Boiler Service include?

Boiler Repairs Hitchin

When you get a boiler serviced with Ocean Plumbing and Heating, we carefully perform the following tests:

  • A visual inspection of your boiler to check that there are no leaks or corrosions. The flame is also inspected.
  • The boiler case is removed, and the inner components are reviewed to make sure they are still working correctly.
  • The flue terminals are checked to ensure that there is no blockages and that everything is safe.
  • The gas pressure of your boiler is checked.
  • The Boiler’s efficiency co and co2 readings are taken with a Kane Flue Gas Analyser. This ensures your boiler is working at its best.
  • Finally, the engineer will fire up your boiler to check for any working faults.

If for some reason your boiler does not successfully pass our service tests, we can offer expert advice on what to do next and it is highly likely that we can fix the problem ourselves.  Also, if you have any questions regarding your boiler service, our team will be happy to answer them to the best of their knowledge,

If your boiler isn’t due for a service but you feel like ‘it might not be working properly, get in contact with us and we can check to see if anything is faulty.

We service and install some of the leading brands of Boilers including:

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